Tuesday, October 5, 2010

dinosaurs and sewing

Well this is not a papercraft post, but I will have one of those later today. This is a homeschooling post, this week my younger kids are studying the letter D so we have decided to turn that into Dino-week we have tons of great projects planned. Since we are Christians who believe the Bible, we also believe in a literal 6 day creation as well as we believe in a young earth(about 6000 yrs old) and hence this is what we teach our children and there really is some great biblical/scientific info about dinosaurs out there! So to kick off our week we did this cool little dino in a volcano project from Michaels, I as a 32 year old woman was highly amuzed watching this little volcano erupt, who knew science could be so fun? I also had to share Elaina's 1st "official" sewing project that was not just using mommy scraps! We bought her this little critter kit, she loved it and was done in about 15 minutes, and then she asked me "hey can you put these on your blog? The child does not have confidence issues atleast. I think she is ready to move on to something more advanced now! I am thrilled to see how much she loves to do anything crafty and she certainly has a knack for it.


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