Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentines Day Treats!

Okay, there is really no rhyme or reason why we celebrate Valentines Day and I guess I would'nt even say we celebrate it really. We love each other every day but I guess in reality it is a perfect excuse for me to make some cute little crafty treats! I have to satrt off by saying that the super cool suckers and heart shaped choclates were totally cased from another blogger named Amy she has instructions there, her blog is packed full of cool crafty little treasures. I started out by making one of these great suckers for each of my kids. The candy bar(Green & Black's organic chocolate with almonds) and the matching little candy bag is for my hubby. The Magnolia Tilda bag is for my oldest daughter, and the little chicks for my youngest daughter. The dinosaur is for my oldest son and the lion for my youngest son! The one with Hershey kisses is for my kids Sunday school teacher. I had a blast making these little toppers yesterday! Very last minute I know but we were sick so that's my excuse! I also made a little album for my sweety but I will have to post that later this afternoon as I have children who need to be bathed!

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