Tuesday, February 9, 2010

2/9 Cheesy cake decorating 101

Okay so I have decided to be brave and post the pictures of my daughter's b-day cake on here for all the world to see. Now please keep in mind that I am not a cake decorator nor do I play one on t.v(ha,ha) actually I am just plain not good at it, and I have accepted that fact. So after being up half the night with kiddos with the stomach bug and after most of the day washing laundry from the kids with the stomach bug, this was all I could come up with. Elaina is thrilled however she thinks it's just amazing, she wanted princesses and was hoping for a castle but did'nt think I could handle that but I am telling you the Paper Doll Dressup cartridge for the Cricut is just amazing. This is the 3rd "Cricut" cake I have made, it is the perfect thing for those of us who are cake decoratingly(is this a word?) challenged. Oh how easily you can impress a 7 year old and it's a good thing to, because I don't know that I will ever get any better at it! Now on my behalf I would like to say the pictures are not the greatest and Elaina helped me as well okay poor excuses I know!


Jessica said...

go check out my mom's site about using gumpaste to decorate the cakes.

Parchey Family said...

I do not think that you give yourself enough credit. I think this cake is adorable and I think that I need to get my hands on Paper Doll Dress Up. Angie

HOPE said...

You are much to hard on yourself..

It is adorable!!! and I am a cake decorator!...so there! LOL

This is a GREAT idea..especially for those days when you don't have enough TIME..or in your case..not feeling well..but still a dedicated MOM! God bless you!!

I hope Genevieve got to see this...as she loves to be a Princess too. I bet she puts in a request to have one like your daughter!

You just might be in business!

Prayers of good health to you all..
Aubrey's mom