Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Another Birthday

Wow, August is a busy month for us, my mom, husband, and son all have birthdays in August and my husband and I celebrate our anniversary as well! Yesterday was my oldest sons birthday-Evan and he turned 6, oh how time flies, my little buck(nicname) is turning into a fine little man. He is our little legalist he is very conserned with the legality of everything, and he has a million questions and every amswer we give him sparks more questions. He has to know how everything works and he loves to take stuff apart, he is still obsessed with tools and would gladly spend everywaking hour outside if we let him. Oh and you should hear him pray, he is always praying for other people especially for his siblings, he always prays for them to be good lol! My little Ev is a sweetheart and we love him to pieces! On a crafty note I am working on a bunch of stuff I can't share right yet but soon!


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HOPE said...


how nice to read your mom write about a great young man! I can't wait to meet you one day...

Hope your day is filled with wonderful happy smiles and fun!

Austin and Avery's g'ma (nana)