Saturday, August 1, 2009

I'm back!

Whew I have not posted forever. It has been
crazy around here, with painting the house and
trying to get ready for Vacation Bible School, which by the way starts on Monday from 6-8 pm
at Cornerstone Baptist Church. We are doing Group publishings Crocodile Dock, we went to church last night to finish decorating, I will post
some pics next week. Hopefully after Wenesday things will slow down a bit, but then I will have
a ton of stuff to make to get ready for some
upcoming classes as well as my open house(more
details on my MYCTMH website on my calendar
of events) Anyways it was great to get some comments from Aubrey's mom and sister, so
nice to "meet" you both. Well thank's to Aubrey's inspiration I have wanted to do nothing but sew. Well since I don't really know how to so I have just been winging it. So for those of you that actually know how to sew please don't laugh at me. Anyways this is a little patchwork blanket I am working on for Elaina, it is pretty rough and not even close to even but I did it all by myself and I can visualize the finished product in my head. I have come to the realization that the only way for me to be able to sew correctly I have to practice and first screw up(alot) but it is how I will learn. So stick with me and we will see what I can come up with. Also in the next few weeks I will have lot's to post related to papercrafting and you all are going to be blown away by the new Idea Book it is amazing. Have a great weekend!

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HOPE said...

It's very nice Jessica!!! You should see the first one I made Aubrey! She was 2 yrs. old then. I have come a long way since then...didn't take up Quilting again until about 5 years ago..I love it! You can view some of my quilts on past post at My Creative Heart blog.

Aubrey and I made her Cottage Quilt together before she moved...she will have to show you this one..very very easy!! and quite accurate without even trying!(the best part)

We call the mess-ups..wonky sewing. Sounds better!!

Keep at'll love the rewards later and the HEIRLOOM they become to your family.

THANK YOU for the tremedous blessing you have been to Aubrey!!

God bless..
Her MOM (sorry so long a comment)