Thursday, July 23, 2009

Blessings and sewing machines

Okay I must start out this post with my inspiration for this little sewing project I did. Last week I met my new neighbor for the first time, and just about fell over when within just a few minutes of talking to each other we realized that we are both christians and attend independant Baptist churches (woo-hoo). If that were not enough we both have 4 children 2 girls and 2 boys, and we both have an Avery, we both love to decorate, and cook and bake using Organic/natural stuff, and she even scrapbooks and used to sell CTMH(are you kidding me?) Oh no I am serious. Well anyways she is multi talented, and can paint, sew, play piano, and she is an amazing photographer. So all in all I would say I have the "Perfect" neighbor, and obviously placed right next door to us for a reason. Anyone who knows me knows that I am also pretty particular about whom my children can be around, and this family is great, they have the same beliefs as us and that is huge! So thanks be to God who from all blessings flow! Anyways I was inspired to get out my sewing machine and play, this is my 1st project so don't laugh. Elaina loves it so I guess that is all that matters.


Leslie said...

wow, what a true gift from God.

HOPE said...

Nice to meet you Jessica! I'm your neighbors MOM!

YOU are also an answer to OUR PRAYERS...Praise the LORD..for his goodness to us ALL!

I love your cards and talent!!


Alison said...

Praise the Lord for you! That's my sister, your new neighbor! I'm so happy for you guys! You're an answer to prayer!

Diary of an army wife said...

Aww you're so sweet! I hope you don't mind that my whole entire family just commented on your blog. LOL I was bragging all about you though so they felt they had to meet you:) I'm so thankful to the Lord for bringing you into my were a huge answer to my prayer and to think He put you right next about that?! As usual God does abundantly more than we could ask or think! I'm excited to see what all the Lord has in store for our families in the future! :)