Thursday, August 13, 2009

My 1st decorative kitchen towels

Okay these turned out so much cuter in my head than they did in person oh well live and learn I guess. The turkey one I totally started sewing the orange strip on crooked so I thought oh well I will make it look like I did it on purpose. Maybe I will so on a felt pumpkin or do something to fix it up. Anyways I have been waiting all day for my new CTMH goodies to arrive and they are still not here, so I guess I will have to start dinner!


HOPE said... appliqued BIG Pumpkin would look adorable on the slanted trim! Reeely!

Keep at it Jessica!

A's mom

Diary of an army wife said...

well, i saw them in person and they're waay more adorable than the picture shows!!!

Aubrey said...

Hey! Thanks for inviting me over and sharing your wonderful friend with me! I hated to take up your time when you don't see each other that often! I hope you two had a great visit!