Monday, August 10, 2009

More Sewing!

Okay so I was really in the mood to sew today,
and I made a quick little trip to Jo-ann's. So I made an Americana Pillow, and table runner, and
I made a wall hanging for my mom for her birthday tommorrow-happy birthday mom! It was really easy because I cheated and bought pre
quilted material, then I just sewed the edges and sewed on tabs. Also another thank you to Aubrey who came over and taught me how to do a slip stich(I think) lol! Have I mentioned I love this new found hobby! However I just got a Quantum notice saying my new CTMH goodies will be here Thursday so I promise I will be posting some paper crafts very soon. For those of you who leave me comments I just wanted to say thank you, they really are a blessing and I truly appreciate them all. Have a great night!


HOPE said...

Cute! Cute! Cute!

and those little PLAID Paws..I'm lovin' that! ;)

Keep at it Jessica...

and looking forward to your paper creations also...

Guess who?
A. M.

Parchey Family said...

Okay I love it all. You just might be sewing me some stuff. That Pillow is amazing. Keep it up. Angie

aubrey said...

Hey girlie...You are doing so awesome with your sewing! Excited for you over your new hobby!