Monday, August 10, 2009

Princess Pillow

Here is the front and back of my 1st pillow. I got this great fabric from my very generous neighbor who got it from her very generous mother. That whole family is a very big blessing to our family and I am very thankful the Lord put them right next door to us. Elaina was just giddy over the princess material, however it seems everything I have been making for her is pink and her bedroom is purple it looks as though I may be painting in the near future!


HOPE said...

What a great blessing to read this Jessica! I'm so glad that Aubrey shared the fabric with is so GIRLIE and cute! You did a great job! Purple is in the fabrics...but maybe a pale pink wall will blend nicely! Wait on Aub and you are sure to have paint next! LOL

God bless..
Aubrey's mom

aubrey said...

I'm very blessed to be your neighbor as well;) Thank you for all the cucumbers and the milk and the fabric ...I guess we did a fabric swap.LOL