Monday, July 26, 2010

My little kids-All together at once

My dad needed a picture of all 5 of my kids
together quick. So John decided to snap a quick
pic and this is it! I think it turned out great for
5 kids ages 7 to 11weeks they are all looking at
the camera, could I ask for more?



Sarah said...

That is picture is too adorable and almost too much for words! P.S. I think I'm going to come into town today so I'll drop that book off to you!

HOPE said...


Look at those wonderful SMILES...

I had to laugh at the saying in the background on the shelf righ behind ALL OF THEM! hee hee

What a great photo! Treasure!

God bless your wonderful family


Lori Miller, CTMH Independent Consultant said...

What a darling family! I enjoyed reading your bio on the H2H blog -- looking forward to seeing your work! I was a homeschooling mom for many years -- enjoy the journey!

Linda Norman said...

Amazing! We have tried the last 2 years to get a good picture of our 4 and can never get everyone to cooperate at the same time!

I saw you are from upstate New York. Most of my extended family lives in Bergen, Churchville, and LeRoy area.

Mandy said...

Your youngest is 2 days older than my little guy. He was born on Cinco de May. Congrats on H2H... it's going to be fun.