Thursday, December 10, 2009

A sneek peek at some finished kitchen cabinets

I am not for sure how well you will be able to see in this picture, but my husband is working on remodeling our kitchen and he started with the cabinets. They are going from bright white with silver hinges and white knobs to antique white with brushed bronze hardware! It is a slow process but my hubby is amazing he gets started right after dinner even though he has been doing construction work all day, and his back has really been bothering him all week! I am so thankful for such a hardworking man! Now later this morning I am heading to my neighbor Aubrey's to make some goodies with the kids! I will post pictures later in the day!

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HOPE said...

you Brave Girl!!! in a Blizzard! I hope you don't get a white out just going next door! ;)

Give them all a tight hug for me okay!

have FUN and stay warm and cozy!

Aub's mom