Friday, December 11, 2009

A blizzard and Christmas cookies

Okay let me start off by saying that I was supposed to post pics of the sweet treats we made at Aubrey's yesterday and guess who did not take their camera? Yup me, but wait the batteries were dead anyways! Oh well we had such a good time and if you want to see pics just head over to Aubrey's blog On another note the pictures of the kids in the snow are from 6:30 this morning, today was the 3rd snow day in a row for Elaina and that is a very rare occurance! We probably got about 3 ft of snow in the last 24 hrs, I am glad we all got to stay home safe today and wow I gotta tell ya I have lived here in New York all my life and I still love the snow, it is so beautiful outside! Anyways we made sour cream cutout cookies today thanks to Angie by way of Mary Jo for the recipe and then I made homemade frosting which is just perfect, not too sweet but I had no food coloring and my husband tells me he does not want those chemicals in his food anyway, so we just frosted them white and then added some sugar pearls on some of them. If you notice they are brown in color it is because they were made using only whole wheat flour, and they were still scrumptious! Thanks be to God for the wonderful memories created this week with my family!

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Aubrey said...

Yum Yum ! Well, I need your email addy again so I can email you the pictures of your kids...we did take quite a few and I know you'll want to scrapbook these!