Thursday, December 31, 2009

My new background

Well did you notice my new snazzy background? We, much to my surprise found out a couple of days before Christmas that we are expecting a baby boy. We are very excited and when I say we I mean everyone except big sister Elaina who is convinced that the ultrasound tech is wrong and therefore we can not possibly know that it is not a girl until the baby is born. She has concluded that boys are annoying and she would much prefer another sister! Well I tried to explain the ultrasound pictures to her but she just would not even hear it. Anyways now it's on to the name game, we have so far an Elaina, Evan, Owen, and Avery, so it seems we have a vowel thing going on. Now I am fearful this poor baby shall remain nameless, John and I are both very particular about names we like common but not to common and it has to be as my hubby would say not efeminate. So any recomondations out there? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


HOPE said...


Aubrey's brothers is GODLY and masculine and I don't actually hear it very often.

I love this name..and during my early pregnancy I was reading about David and even though we had another name chosen then NATHAN appeared in the midst of my Scripture reading and was perfect!

I know you will find also the perfect name. I love the names you have already..especially AVERY!!!

GOD bless you with a healthy BOY!

Jessica said...

Ooh, Nathan I like it, now to get my husband to agree! I hope all is well with you, and I hope you enjoy seeing all of Aubrey's snow pictures!

HOPE said...

Okay is the clencher,


so there you go how can he resist this GIFT ....

Nathan's middle name is
Patrick which means Nobleman.

Can't wait to know what you both decide one...

some health issues have come up but hoping to make our trip up there to see you ALL in the early Fall possibly.

The kitchen should be all finished by then..right? ;)

amy moore said...

how about

Elijah-the Lord is my God