Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Yard sale finds and a homemade sign

Well I am sure you have figured out by now that I am on a major home decor kick right now. I am in looove with anything vintage/antique right now oh it's also gotta be cheap. A few weeks ago I bought a really cool vintage crate at a yard sale to hold shoes and since then I have bought one more. With 7 people living here we have a lot of shoes. Anywho the bigger crate had two pieces of wood on the top that my hubby pried off for me but I wanted to use them for something.

So this morning I got a hankering to make a sign, I grabbed a piece of the wood from the crate and cut the word ANTIQUES out of my Cricut and then I used the negative to make a stencil. I used Cracked Pepper paint from Valspar to paint the letters, then I dry brushed some Chambray paint also by Valspar over the top and then sanded down the whole thing. I hung it above my laundry room door, I love it but it is hard to see in the picture but the thing that looks like an O is actually a Q. Oh and by the way I do not work for Valspar I just so happen to have lots of there amazing samples.

Some of my other yard sale finds were a Taylor Smith Taylor platter-amazing and only $2.00, I also found a vintage linen tea towel with blue stripes for .25cents and turned it into a pillow! My really cool crates were scored for $7.00 for the big one and only $5.00 for the smaller one, I practically stole them. I have lots more yard sale finds but I will save them for another day! Have you found any great bargains this summer?



HOPE said...

You need to show off your other signs around your home that YOU made....I loved them. They say so much too for each room!!!

You are so talented. I've wanted to make a sign myself...

Great job!

Barbara said...

Love your decorating style and your creativeness. Can't wait to see more. I am in the process of decluttering and having a garage sale in a few weeks. They are a lot of work but I feel so good when it is over. Sending your ice cream recipe to my daughter. Got our grandson an ice cream maker for his 12th birthday. He loves ice cream.