Monday, July 4, 2011

A summer wreath and very happy 4Th Of July

I hope everyone is having a wonderful 4th today and a huge thank you to all those who have fought for our freedom and who are still fighting for it! So I think you guys have figured out by now that I am in major decorating/crafting mode. The other day I decided to make this super quick summer wreath! The wreath was one I had here, the greenery came from a big package from Hobby Lobby, the bird was made of newspaper and I picked it up at the dollar store and painted it with some FREE Valspar paint in Chambray. Next I made some simple rosettes using a piece of material I got at Hobby Lobby for like .36 cents. So the total cost of my wreath was about $2.00 which I don't think is to bad for a summer wreath! My sister thinks it's hideous what are your thoughts? Be honest I might cry like a baby can take it!

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Laurie said...

Your wreath is not hideous! Sisters! What do they know. lol. I like it! Great job!

HOPE said...

Great idea Jessica! I love the flower rosettes!! Like the birdie too!

Aaaah sisters! They just like to jab us...I bet she reeeely likes it!!! Probably wants you to think that and just give it to her! make her one and see what she does with it!! Even in a closet she'd have to say it made her closet look a whole lot nicer! hee hee

I think you did a marvelous CREATIVE piece of art!

so there..
You are sooo thoughtful..I love every card you send and want to put them up for everyone to see!
Mmm..gotta come up with an idea here.