Thursday, June 2, 2011

Some more Home Decor

So you are probably asking, where is all the paper crafting ? Well my friends that is a wonderful question and I am sorry I can't answer that! Honestly I am just not in the mood to play with paper right now but give me some furniture and spray paint and I am good to go! I will be back into paper crafting mood soon enough I am sure but for know I thought i would share what I have been up too! First is just a little resin table I picked up at Lowes that was brown and I wanted white so I grabbed a can of Krylon Fusion paint for plastic in a white satin. Then I topped my little table with a cool metal tray I picked up last weekend out of a FREE box at a yard sale(score) and then filled a canning jar with some wildflowers my kiddos got me. So this whole arrangement chairs,cushions, table cost me about $30.00. We are redoing our deck but probably not until fall so I will have to wait until next year for my dream patio set. Next is an end table I snagged at another yard sale for $2.50 seriously two dollars and 50 cents! I primed it, and then spray painted it royal blue for my boys bedroom in between their beds. We are slowly trying to finish up there room that we redid this winter. Hopefully next week I will be able to share the before and after pics of the whole room. The lamp base I really like, the shade not so much but until I can find the "perfect" shade this was only $5.00 at Dollar General.
The books are super old and beat up but they are science books with lot's of pictures and since my boys can't read yet they love to look at these books and will "read" them for hours. Well I have a ton more stuff up my sleeve and hopefully I will get to post it soon.



Aubrey said...

I super duper love the table...I bet the lil guys do too! :)

Karen Day said...

Who needs a dream patio set, when you've got all this gorgeous DIY stuff?? You've got a great eye for 'seeing' possibilities in things :o)