Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My babys birthday

Well my baby turned 1 yesterday, I am not for sure how exactly that happened. I had big plans in my head for his party but they just never materialized, spring is so busy! I did however decide on a milk and cookies theme so the only thing that was really cool was the cupcakes. I totally stole this from The Tidy Mom who in turn got it from someone else and on and on the list goes. They are chocoalte chip cookie dough and I topped the b-day boys with a mini chocolate chip cookie and a chocolate milk bottle that I made using a candy mold. Regardless they are so cute but boy oh boy you can not eat anything else for like a week after you eat these. I so badly want to be a photographer but I am just not so my pictures are that of an ametuer-sorry! Hopefully I will be back later with a crafty post.



HOPE said...

the chocolate Baby bottle is it!!! the photo is great!!!

I too can't believe a YEAR has passed...Nathan's twins will be year also this month May 27th along with his cousin Brady. Tooo fast.

You did good Mommy!!


Mandy said...

These look so yummy and I love the bottle...I totally agree with you about how fast they grow up,it only seems yesterday I had my daughter and she's going in 16 now...
Mandy x