Friday, December 17, 2010

Fun foodie gifts

Well let me tell you it was not exactly easy trying to photograph these things but I did my best! I saw the idea for these adorable snowmen on The Idea Room which I love. Now because I wanted to make these for my neices and nephews I went against all my better judgement and bought OREOS-EEEEW I know insert gasp here, now under normal circumstances I would never consider buying these things whose name I don't even like to mention but come on, they are so cute I just could not resist. Anyways you take a double stuffed you know what and stick a sucker stick in it and cover with white melting chocolate, then add some mini choco chips for the eyes and mouth and then add a nose then I just wrapped mine and stuck them in some floral foam in the bottom of a super cute bucket from the dollar section at Target. Then I had some extras which I covered in Green and sprinkled with colored sugar! I wish I had more time to "scrap" up my gifts a little more but alas my time was cut short and they need to be delivered tommorrow! So I hope they enjoy there little chocolate covered OREOS, and I hope their parents enjoy the sugar rush!



Jenny said...

Thanks for the sweet comment over at Splitcoast - I love, love your blog - your work is amazing!

Merry Christmas!

HOPE said...

CUTE...we have a friend who know whats...sooo much , he named his DOG...



E.T said...

hehe i want one! Looks great!