Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Happy Birthday Buck

Today my little buck turns 7, wow how did he get so big? He is the most legalistic 7 year old you will ever meet he is very concerned with rules and regulations. He is also about as BOY as boys can get, he is an outdoorsman and he is very mechanically inclined. He is also a big softie, a hard worker, an awesome big brother and as handsome as his daddy. We love you buck!

To celebrate we had a birthday party Sunday after church it was supposed to be a smores themed party at out camp. However thanks to the hurricane we had tons of rain and wind so we improvised and had it at the house instead. I made a smores cake which was fabulous if I do say so myself the recipe can be found here at Annies-eats just type smores cake in the search box! We also made him his very own reading tent. I found lot's of inspiration on Pintrest but in the end my hubby just looked at a picture and went with what he thought would work best! The tab top curtains were ingenious and I got 4 of them at a yard sale for a buck-score! I also picked up some solar system fabric at Wal-mart and covered a chunk of extra foam I had floating around from another project. I think it turned out adorable and my boy LOVES it in fact him and his brother slept i it last night!

I think though we are going to have to re-do the bedroom set up and I might steal their desk and put the tent their instead! Only time will tell, the whole thing only cost about $25.00 but that was because the solar system material was $10.88 so if you had material on hand it could cost you next to nothing! I would also like to figure out a way to hang a little lantern from the top, always something to do! Have a great Wednesday!

P.S- don't be scared of his new cap gun, the only thing it can hurt is your eardrums!



HOPE said...

Happy Birthday BUCK!!!

What a fab idea Jessica!!! You and hubby did wonders! How clever and so much FUN for kids..I think I would have to sneek in there for a snooze when no ones looking..just looks so inviting!

Campin at home...and a smores cake..what more can a BUCK ask for!


Elaine said...

My son would have so loved this! However he is know 16.