Monday, February 14, 2011

Romantic dinner for two-ummm I mean seven

Wait, I was wrong again it was really dinner for six, the baby only ate a bite of potato so I am not counting him. I am in a super Valentiney mode this year and thought I should make us a nice dinner. On the menu this evening was Blue cheese crusted Del Monico, Parmesean Asparagus, and Twice baked bacon and cheddar potatoes, and for dessert we had chocolate covered strawberries and blackberry pie with a spelt flour crust. It was mucho yummyo for real, now I tried to take some pictures tried being the operative word, but you should get the idea. I told my husband while we were eating that we should dine like this everynight- but then reality sunk in and I realized I don't want to clean up a mess this big evernight! Oh well it was great fun for the kids who just think candles on the table are the greatest thing ever. Hope you have a wonderful Valentines!



Mary said...

Holy moly - where do you live? Count me in for dinner next Valentine's Day!

Melanie said...