Friday, June 25, 2010

Enchanted Forest

So today me, my sister and my 2 oldest children went to Enchanted Forest an amusement/water park
about an hour away! Of course my camera is not so good at taking pictures (yes I am blaming my camera and not the photographer) so glad I ordered a new one! Anywhoo I did not get very many pictures but we had an enjoyable but exhausting time. I just wish I had decided not to ride on the Tilt-a-Whirl as it is now about 8 hrs later and I still have a headache and am nauseous I guess I am just to old for those fast moving machines! Have a great night I know I will sleep like a baby(as long as my baby sleeps like a baby).


HOPE said...

I always loved the Tilt a Whil...LOL..don't know that I could handle nowadays either..

I loved fun parks as a the giant shown..went to a park like this called Fairy Land in Calif...on a Mother Goose theme with live animals.

Must be the park you went to is the same Aub told me she was taking my grands to play at..

CUTE CUTE pics of your children

Aubrey said...

You took cute pics!!! I did find out that we can get tickets at discount here on post!!!! :)