Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sodderbug-I am a winner

I often frequent a blog called The Idea Room http://www.theidearoom.blogspot.com/ Amy whose blog it is always has fabulous giveaways, and a couple of weeks ago she had a giveaway from a company called Sodderbug owned by Janelle Robinson. Janelle makes these amazing necklaces and I actually won a FREE one, it came today and it is gorgeous! Thank you so much Amy and especially Janelle. Go to http://www.sodderbug.com/ to see all the great stuff she can make!

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HOPE said...

WOW Jessica..you WON..what a blessing...and a neat win!

THANK YOU!! for your sweet comments too...can't wait to meet your family in the Fall...a definte visit so be waiting!!!

Aub's mom