Sunday, March 14, 2010

3/14 Rainbow cupcakes

Well today is my baby girl's 2nd b-day, where does the time go? Anyways I decided I wanted to make cupcakes for her instead of a cake and I follow this blog and the other day she had these great cupcakes on which she found at Now I have no fancy baking skills so what you see is what you get but I tried. I had a Funfetti cake mix so that is what I used, and I also added a cup of sour cream to the batter,then divided the batter equally into 5 bowls and added food coloring not the liquid kind but the Wilton gel kind. Then you just drop a spoonful into your cupcake wrapper and just layer the different colors then bake as normal! For the frosting I cheated and used Betty Crocker Whipped cream cheese frosting! Not beautiful but cute and hey my kids will eat anything with sugar no matter what it looks like!

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Sarah said...

They turned out great!