Thursday, September 3, 2009

Elaina got a haircut today.

Elaina got her hair cut today and I just love it. It is so adorable of course I think it looks better in person than I could capture on film. I also just found out that my neighbor is going to start Elaina's piano lessons next Wednesday. We are so excited.

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HOPE said...

CAAUUTE!!! I love bobs! so nice and neat looking.

PIANO lessons..YEA!!! My girls all just about taught themselves! The only lessons Aubrey did get were just little emblellishments in her teens.. a natural she is. Her sister plays the guitar and her younger sister piano also..All self taught. Of the LORD.

I also say a Christian home needs the three P's.. Piano, Swimming Pool (even the kiddie kind) and PETS.

Piano for praises in the home, Pool for burning energy, and Pets for learning compassion and responsibility.

There you have it from an O' pro!

God bless..
A's mom