Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Ugliest Layout In The History Of The World!

Okay so I dislike this layout immensley! I especially despise the word sisters it's too dark or something! Anyways I only posted it because my best friend forced me to! Anyways I used all CTMH, Notebook paper, Key To My Heart paper, and Playful Flourishes SS.


judy anderson said...

jessica, trim three sides of paper....not the part where sisters is...but trim top abit more then place the whole thing on a piece of the turquoise paper. so about 1/4 to 1/2 shows on all sides and then see if you like it better.

julie g said...

i think calling it ugly is going a little too far jessica! you're allowed to say you dont love it, but i dont think youre giving yourself enough credit for this one. :)

Leslie said...

Jessica, anything we do cannot be ugly. Especially if it involves children. When we don't like something it is an opportunity to work on making it better. See if you can come up with something to cover the word sisters. I find my greatest inspiration from the artwork BB. Just ask and you will get all kinds of suggestions. Personally, I like your layout.